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As an organization, you consider diversity to be important. You've already made a few attempts, but are still looking for what works. We at Ocullus can help you with the right answers and advice!

Our experience shows that diversity and inclusion is a matter of a sustainable process. With our services, we ensure that your organization becomes "diversity-proof" by working together on a diverse and inclusive policy. Diversity ensures that you as a company attract more customers, and as a government institution, diversity helps you to perform better on your policy objectives. Ocullus aims to contribute to the diversity of your organization by providing targeted advice and / or tailor-made training. The method we use is scientifically based. The results we achieve are therefore measurable and visible.

We are all different from each other in ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age and socio-economic background. Ocullus offers tools to attract and retain talented employees from different diversity target groups.

In the video below Karima el Bouchtaoui explains the added value of diversity and inclusion and what it can add to your company. The video is in Dutch.

What does Ocullus stand for?

Ocullus comes from the Latin word Oculus which means eye. Our eyes make it possible to see and perceive things. The eye is the most dominant sensory organ; 70% of all information we store in our brains enters through the eye. The information stored in our brain is created by the influence of the media, our experiences in our childhood, the people we surround ourselves with, the environment in which we live. Everything we see, including the people we meet, things we experience, we fit and put in a specific box. This can be negative or positive.

We often do not realize that the (rose-colored) glasses we look through are our own truth. When dealing with people who do not resemble you, who are different, an opinion is often formed unconsciously. This opinion influences your actions. An example of this is that we tend to hire a person that looks like us when we are looking for a new employee.

Ocullus Consultancy biedt op elk onderdeel advies op maat en passende trainingen, variërend van inclusief leiderschap tot inclusieve recruitment. Onze adviezen en trainingen zijn op maat, concreet en gebaseerd op wetenschappelijk onderzoek.

Three building blocks


Inclusive leadership

Managers have a crucial position in the organization. They often determine who is hired and who is allowed to grow. Plus, they are partly responsible for the dynamics within the team. Inclusive leadership is therefore necessary for an effective diversity and inclusion policy.

Inclusive leadership leads to better decision making, more creative employees and higher productivity. It pays off to have people with different qualities, talents, experiences, competences and backgrounds work together. To introduce inclusive leadership in your organization, you can choose the Inclusive leadership training.


Inclusive organizational culture

In addition to managers, employees within your organization are crucial to create an inclusive organizational culture. Research shows that the more the uniqueness of employees is promoted, the more employees feel connected to the organization. 

"I feel safe enough to be open about my sexual orientation."

"My Turkish background enriches my work."

Next to that, an inclusive culture ensures less absenteeism, more mutual cooperation and higher productivity. Do you also want to work on an inclusive culture? Then the Unconscious Bias training is right for your team!


Organizational processes

The third building block in our advice about diversity and inclusion is about organizational processes such as recruitment and selection, promotion and communication. The central question here is:

"To what extent are these processes (already) aimed at a diverse target group?"

In recruitment and selection, it matters, for example, which words you use to attract candidates. In communication, it is important that the - broad - target group recognizes itself in images and text. There are numerous parts within your organization that can be tested in to what extent they tie in with the creation of (more) diversity and inclusion. Besides custom advice , our tailor-made training can help in creating inclusive organizational processes.

Our team

Our mission is to help organizations grow towards a diverse and inclusive organizational culture, in which they achieve the best results by involving all employees.

Karima el Bouchtaoui

Advice and training

Ingrid Leckie

Consultancy and advice

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Lieke Bremer

Designer / Developer

Anouk Ooms


Abdelfatih el Bouchtaoui

Administrative assistant


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