These 5 tips give you a running start in diversity and inclusion

Recently, there's been a lot of interested in the subjects diversity and inclusion. But does all this attention change the way we interact with each other? How we look at talent? Or how we ensure equal opportunities on the labor market, in the cultural sector or in schools? From Ocullus Consultancy we provide concrete tools through training and advisory processes. But if you really want to make a real difference as an organization, the only thing that works is that you actually get started. If you want to go beyond a good conversation and some loose measures here and there, read on for some tips. Diversity and inclusion is nothing more than daring to look at your own prejudices and learning how to recognize them. In addition, there are concrete actions that you can take in your work so that you can choose equal opportunities in your work every time. You do this as an HR employee by using an objective HR process or as a manager every day by making every employee feel at home. After all, happy employees are the most productive.


We often get questions about what really works to create a diverse and inclusive organization. Research shows that a diverse team has many advantages, such as more creativity, higher employee satisfaction, better connection with the target group or customers you serve, etc. The way to work on more diversity and inclusion is to start with the following 5 points.

  1. Action plan

Make an action plan in which you include coherent measures in the field of diversity and inclusion. Include points such as: How do you ensure that leaders adopt an inclusive leadership style? How do you ensure an objective HR process? What needs to be done to create more support in the workplace for the subject? Etc.

  1. Measurable goals

Incorporate measurable objectives in the action plan. Such as the number of people with a diverse background that you want to hire or keep in the current team. Is someone saying leaving your organization? Then ask them why they are leaving and whether they have tips for what you can work on as an organization.

  1. What does diversity and inclusion mean for your organization?

Think about what you as an organization understand about or associate with diversity and inclusion. Practically, I notice that this gives different answers with every organization.

  1. What's going well?

Diversity and inclusion is a change process. It takes time to embed this sustainably within your organization. There could currently be elements in your organization that already contribute to an inclusive culture. Determine these and take this as the starting point for your development.

  1. Focus on what you do want

Pay particular attention to what you do want. For example, you use sentences in your communication to the outside world such as: “We focus on your qualities. Diversity ensures that we continue to develop as an organization.” Instead of: "There is no place within our organization for racism and discrimination." So consider what goals / mission you have and communicate these as much as possible through image and language with your marketing and communication.