Inclusive recruitment

Do you want to increase the influx of diverse talent into your organization? Have you already tried several things, but you're not satisfied with the results? We can take over this process for you! Based on our expertise in diversity and inclusion and HR, we ensure that your vacancy will be filled with diverse talent. 

How it works

Step 1
After you've contact us, you'll receive an invitiation to an exploratory conversation in 1 workday. In this conversation we will discuss the function and strategy. 

Step 2
You will receive a quotation and upon approval we will start with the recruitment and selection process.

Step 3
We will rewrite the vacancy in an inclusive way to appeal to a wide range of potential candidates (optional)

Step 4
We will start recruiting for this position through search, marketing and communication.

Step 5
You'll receive "proposal profiles" with potential candidates.

Stap 6
Follow-up and placement: Your new colleague is hired.

Did you know that we can also help you write an inclusive text that increases your reach of the number of candidates and becomes more diverse? Click here for more information.

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