Do you want to outsource writing an inclusive vacancy?

A crucial part of recruiting the right candidates is an inviting vacancy text or job offering. You want the vacancy to attract the right target group and motivate them to apply. Do you, for example, want to attract bicultural people, women, young people, disabled people for your team? By using the right vacancy text you can attract the target group you're looking for. Do you want to outsource the writing of an (inclusive) vacancy text? Then we can help and really make a difference!

A vacancy text is usually the first impression of your organization for a potential new colleague. How do you use the right words and design to attract a bigger target group? That's where we, Ocullus Consultancy, are experts in. With our custom advice, knowledge and experience, we'll make sure that your vacancy attracts the target group you're looking for.

How it works

Step 1
We would like to receive a request by email or phone for the (re) writing of an inclusive vacancy text. 

Step 2
You will receive an invitiation for a call in 1 workday. In this conversation you will answer a number of substantive questions about the position.

Step 3
The vacancy is written by us (if a rewrite is desired). In 3 workdays you'll receive the (rewritten) vacancy which is catered to a more broad target group so you can attract the right candidate for the position.

Step 4
Time for feedback. Are there any adjustments needed? We'll process those.

Step 5
Time to recruit! 

For more information about the influence of the right text in a vacancy and what a difference it makes, Karima wrote an article in Dutch for Werf&: How To Make Recruiting More Diverse

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