Equal opportunities in education

All learners and students have the right to equal opportunities in education, whereby learners and students from all kinds of (social) backgrounds learn together. This is not only of great importance for the future of the learners and students themselves, but also for the future of society. As an education and policy professional you have an important role in providing equal opportunities.

Sta jij er ook wel eens bij stil of alle leerlingen en studenten binnen jouw onderwijsinstelling zich volledig ontwikkelen, ongeacht hun sociale en culturele achtergrond, persoonlijke kenmerken en vaardigheden? In deze training leer je concrete handvatten hoe je situaties van ongelijke behandeling kunt herkennen, bespreken en aanpakken.

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After partaking in this training:

  • You know how you can contribute to an inclusive learning climate with your role and attitude;
  • Do you know how to discuss and tackle equity in school;
  • You can create a better connection in the classroom;
  • You can think from your own frame of reference as well as from the frame of reference of learners and students, so that you can act flexibly between these frames of reference;
  • You can make a concrete contribution to equality of opportunity within your educational institution.


Educational professionals.


This training is provided on location or online.


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