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During job interviews you have a short amount of time to get to know a candidate and decide whether they're right for the open position. In fact, in a couple minutes you already make a first judgment of someone. After that, this first judgment plays a role in which questions you ask the candidate. This also influences the final assessment.Panteia 2015) Objective selection, with structured interviews, offers a solution here


We're all different. Whether we're Dutch, bicultural, man or woman, young or old. If you want to create a team that gets the best results, in which creativity and innovation go hand in hand, then it's all about a team that complements each other.

Creating a diverse workforce does require a conscious use of recruitment and selection processes. As an organization you can take different steps to make the recruitment and selection process more inclusive. We distinguish three components to attract diverse talent. You will learn more about this during this training.


Job vacancy texts are sometimes inadvertently written in such a way that they attract a certain type of employee. For example, you (unconsciously) look for the same type of person as the employee who's leaving the team. Or you're (unconsciously) looking for a copy of yourself. On the one hand, you reduce the pool of potential candidates and on the other hand, you strengthen the homogeneity of your workforce. Read more about the training on writing inclusive vacancy texts.


In just a couple seconds, we form an opinion about the new colleague introducing themselves. We all have unconscious biasses.