Structured interview

During job interviews you have a short amount of time to get to know a candidate and decide whether they're right for the open position. In fact, in a couple minutes you already make a first judgment of someone. After that, this first judgment plays a role in which questions you ask the candidate. This also influences the final assessment.Panteia 2015) Objective selection, with structured interviews, offers a solution here.

The purpose of structured interviews is to form an impression of a candidate in an objective way. By retrieving as much relevant information as possible, you can compare the candidates - and their applications - more objectively. This ensures that the best person is hired for the job and offers equal opportunities for candidates who are underrepresented in your workforce.

After partaking in this training:

  • You possess the basic principles of structured interviews.
  • You know how to communicate what you are looking for in a candidate.
  • You have concrete tools to structure the application process in your organization.
  • You experience the freedom of delving deeper into a candidate's talents and competencies in a structured way.
  • You can objectively select the most suitable candidate.


Managers, vacancy holders, application committees, HR employees, recruiters. 


This training is provided on location.


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