Inclusive vacancy

Job vacancy texts are sometimes inadvertently written in such a way that they attract a certain type of employee. Usually someone who is already represented in the majority of your team. For example, you unconsciously keep in mind the person who is leaving the team. Or are you (unconsciously) looking for a copy of yourself. On the one hand, you reduce the pool of potential candidates and, on the other hand, you strengthen the homogeneity of your workforce. The question is, are you looking for a clone of yourself or the best candidate for the position? To attract the best candidate for the position, it is important to take a good look at your text. And to set it up as objectively as possible in order to attract the target group that you would normally exclude, but would like to reach. Writing inclusive vacancy texts offers a solution.

In this training you will learn concrete tools to write inclusive vacancy texts. This way you can broaden access to potential talent and ensure a diverse composition of the workforce. Why is that desirable? Research shows that organizations with a high degree of diversity across the different layers of the organization achieve between 21-33% better results than companies of comparable caliber with a homogeneous workforce (McKinsey 2018).

Samengevat: een divers personeelsbestand leidt tot betere resultaten. Als vacatureschrijver ben je dé poort waardoor nieuwe medewerkers binnen komen. Jouw werk is dus cruciaal voor de diverse samenstelling van het personeelsbestand.

After partaking in this training:

  • You are more aware of stereotypes in your writing style.
  • You can express what you're looking for specifically and concisely, inclusive and objectively.
  • You are able to translate the job requirements into competencies or skills.
  • Focus on selecting the best candidate for the position.



Managers, vacancy holders, application committees, HR employees, recruiters. 


This training is provided on location.


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