Unconscious Bias

In just a couple seconds, we form an opinion about the new colleague introducing themselves. We all have unconscious bias. You have an opinion, positive or negative. Although you might not be aware of this, you do in fact form opinions unconsciously. You might speak less to your new colleague and more to your other colleague. You gravitate towards colleagues that look like you. You don't go to lunch with your other colleague. And often times this is not done on purpose.

Unconscious bias at work. That's where this unconscious unconscious bias training is about. Who are you versus the other? What effect does this have on your actions in a team? And how can you deal with this? In an open work culture where every individual can be themselves, employees work harder and are happier. This ultimately contributes to the goals of your organization. Better organizational results and satisfied employees.

Bekijk de video van Universiteit Utrecht over unconscious voor een korte introductie op het onderwerp.

After partaking in this training:

  • You make contact with someone out of curiosity.
  • You develop the skill to convert your acquired knowledge into a successful collaboration between you and the other.
  • You're aware of your own preferences and how this affects the workplace.



All employees.


This training is provided on location.


On request. Every training is tailor-made and executed. contact us.